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Business Officer Advisory Working Group

Travel Accounts - Meeting Held (Sept 2010)


Determine appropriate level of detail to which travel expenses should be coded, both to meet ongoing business monitoring needs and to support data mining for procurement to negotiate favorable rates for the University.


  • Because most travel expenses are reimbursements to individuals, information on amounts paid to vendors (i.e. airlines or hotel chains) is not easily determinable, regardless of what account expenditures are coded to
  • Working group participants agreed that not all business units felt coding to a detailed level provided more useful information
  • Requiring travel expenses to be coded to detailed account codes would increase resources required for data entry of accounts payable
  • If the travel expense module within Peoplesoft is implemented, individuals may be required to break out travel expenses to a more granular level of detail on their electronic claim forms


Travel expenses paid directly to vendors (such as airfare, hotel costs, etc.) should be coded at the detailed travel expense level. Travel expense account numbers are presented below for ease of reference.

Air Fare 640003
Rail Transportation 640004
Rental Cars - Travel 640005
Mileage 640006
Other Transportation 640007
Taxi and Limo Transportation 640008
Accommodations 640009
Other Accommodation Expense 640010
Guest Housing 640011
Meals 640012
Field Travel 640013
Visitor Travel 640014
Parking 640015
Sundry Expenses 640016

In general, travel expenses paid to individuals through travel reimbursements should be coded to the generic travel account (640001). Business units wishing to track travel at a more detailed level may continue to do so.