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Change to USW Local 2010 and Local 2010-01 Initiation Fees

Effective January 1, 2019, a $10 initiation fee will be deducted from the wages of each new member of the bargaining unit for USW Locals 2010 (General Staff) and 2010-01 (Academic Assistants). A "new member of the bargaining unit" refers to an individual who becomes employed, for the first time, in a position within the scope of either the USW Local 2010 or the USW Local 2010-01 bargaining units. An individual who was previously employed under one of those agreements is not required to pay an initiation fee if they are subsequently re-employed under either of those agreements. 

For clarity, if an individual holds appointments within both Union Locals, only one initiation fee will be deducted.

Please contact the Employee and Labour Relations Unit with any questions.