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Conferences & One-time Events:

Accepting Card Payments


Eventbrite is the cloud service provider that Financial Services and ITS have selected for Queen’s departments, faculties, and business units to use to collect credit and debit card payments for one-time or annual events.

Eventbrite has many advantages, some of which being that is it free to use for free events, is an approved PCI compliant service provider when being used through Financial Services, offers a fast and easy event setup, and has 24/7 customer support.

If you’re interested in learning more about Eventbrite, or want to determine if it is right for you, feel welcome to reach out! You can also review the Eventbrite procedures here, on the Financial Services PCI website.

NOTE: Any event being hosted on behalf of Queen’s that wishes to use Eventbrite must be setup through Financial Services. Departments, faculties, and business units are not permitted to set up their own Eventbrite accounts without authorization from Financial Services.