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ERS Access for Grad Students

Effective immediately (November 6, 2019), Expense Reimbursement System (“ERS”) access is now available for all graduate students. This will allow all grad students to submit claims electronically and take advantage of all the benefits of doing so, including:


Average processing time is less than half that of the paper process                                                                

Access to the web-based system anytime, anywhere including via mobile devices

Automated calculation of mileage, HST rebates, and currency conversions

Automated workflow and transparency into the status of an expense claim

Paper receipts do not have to be kept after payment has been received

Access to the ERS is now available to all Grad students through the MyQueen’sU/SOLUS portal, using their Student NetID. 

Note:  Some grad students may have had access to the ERS previously if they had an employment relationship with Queen’s, using their separate Employee NetID.  This will still be the case, and any claims that relate directly to their employment should still processed through their Employee NetID. 

For those who are new to using the ERS, please review the First Time User Guide.  In addition to this, the Financial Services website has many documents to assist with the filing of Expense claims, including policy, procedures, training, and guidance documents.  Those can be found here. 

Training sessions have been scheduled in room 156 of Jeffrey Hall for the following:

November 13- 1:30-3:30

November 20- 1:30-3:30

November 27- 9:00-11:00

Training can also be delivered to groups upon request. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of the ERS, or the SAP Concur mobile app, please contact