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ERS Tip of the Month

Verify your email address and Email pictures of receipts to

Enables email notifications from the ERS system, and saves you time through the ability to upload receipts by emailing in pictures

What is required:          
Verifying your email address in your Concur profile can be done through the following four steps once logged into the ERS:

1.In Profile, Profile Settings, Personal Information, Email Addresses, click the "Verify" link
2.Check your email for a verification message from Concur
3.Copy the code from the email message into the "Enter Code" box next to the Email address in the Concur profile page
4.Click "OK" to submit the code and complete verification

How it works:
Submitting your receipts by this method involves taking a photo of your receipts with a cell phone/tablet/laptop, and emailing them to from an email address that you’ve set up and verified within your profile in the ERS.
Concur will recognize the email address you are sending the email from as one verified and linked to your profile, and will therefore upload these receipts to your list of “Available Receipts” within the system.
Please note that they are not available instantaneously in ‘Available Receipts’ - it does take some time for them to be processed and made available.
The feedback we have received to-date is that this is much easier and faster than scanning receipts separately and uploading each of them to Concur.

Best practice is to ensure that you are on Wi-Fi before sending emails with pictures attached, so that you do not use up your data on your cell phone plan.

If you have specific questions regarding this communication, please contact us at, or at extension 32050.

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