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ERS Update - Itemization of Tips no longer required in the ERS

Claimants using the ERS are no longer required to itemize out any tips on their receipted meals or taxi expenses. This change will result in significant time savings for faculty & staff preparing claims!

Please note that itemization will still be needed for separating out meal costs from hotel bills, and for separating out personal items, such as removing alcohol from meal receipts. 

Please also note that there have been no changes to policy with respect to tip amounts.  As per the Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy, "Tips/Gratuities must be in reasonable amounts", and if for research travel, “certain granting agencies have restrictions related to the payment of gratuities”.  Given this, claims with excessive/unreasonable tip amounts will be returned to claimants as part of the policy reviews being performed. 

All ERS documentation on the Financial Services website is being edited to reflect the above, and the revised documents will be posted to the site later this week. 

Please feel free to contact Financial Services at x32050, or at if you have any questions or concerns.

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