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ERS Updates - Changes to Concur Apps and User Interface

ExpenseIt is Moving

Beginning January 1, 2019, the ExpenseIt Pro app will no longer be supported.  But don't worry, you can now use ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app - meaning, you'll only need one app for all your expense management needs.

Using ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app is easy - but if you're interested, these videos will provide you with step-by-step instructions for iPhone and Android. You can also refer to this FAQ if you have any further questions about the transition.

You'll be able to access and export receipts stored in the ExpenseIt Pro app until January 14th, but please begin using ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app now to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

New User Interface Coming Soon

SAP Concur has created a new user interface, which will be rolled-out to Queen's Users in March 2019. The effect of this is that the online Concur portal will have a "different look and feel", which is intended to make the interface more intuitive for users.

Please note that as Concur is a live system available 24/7/365, that changes are being implemented live-time, which could result in temporary issues with functionality. If you encounter any persisting issues with system functionality, please report it to so it can be addressed as soon as possible. 

Further communications, training, and user documentation will be forthcoming before the new interface is released in March.

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