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Month End Reporting Schedule

2020/21 General Ledger Month-End Schedule

Attention: All Account Holders

The month-end processing schedule for fiscal 2020/21 will be as follows:

Year-Month   Fiscal Accounting Period General Ledger Closing Date
2020-May 202101 2020-June-3
2020-June 202102 2020-July-8
2020-July 202103 2020-August-6
2020-August 202104 2020-September-3
2020-September 202105 2020-October-5
2020-October 202106 2020-November-4
2020-November 202107 2020-December-3
2020-December 202108 2021-January-6
2021-January 202109 2021-February-3
2021-February 202110 2021-March-3
2021-March 202111 2021-April-6
2021-April 202112 2021-May-5

*PLEASE NOTE : The General Ledger will be closed between 2 PM and 3 PM EST on the day listed above as the General Ledger Closing Date.

*PLEASE NOTE : Any paper journals that require processing by Financial Services, must be received in the Financial Services office no later than 3 business days prior to the month-end processing date listed above.

*PLEASE NOTE: In order for a journal entry to be included in the fiscal period as of the closing date, it must be approved, pass both edit checks (header status edit and budget checking edit where applicable), and be posted in PeopleSoft. Departments that are entering journal entries are responsible to review their journals the next day, after the overnight edit process has taken place, and ensure that the header status is “V” for “Valid”. If the journal entry involves research projects, three business days must be allowed for any budget errors to be corrected, in order for the journal entry to be posted by the closing date.

PLEASE NOTE: MONTHLY FINANCIAL REPORTING: Complete financial information will be reflected in financial reports (including research statements) generally 2 days after month-end close.

For further information regarding the above schedule, please contact the Financial Services Main Office at (613) 533-2050.