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How to Open a Trust or Endowment Fund


Financial Services is responsible for opening all Trust and Endowment Funds within the PeopleSoft general ledger.

Funds cannot be opened unless proper authorization is obtained. Generally, Trust and Endowment funds must be approved by the department head or Dean and is completed via a ChartField request form.

Information Requirements

The following information is required to open all Trust and Endowment funds:

  • ChartField Request Form

The requestor is required to fill out the ChartField Request form found on our website.

  • Terms of Reference

A completed Terms of Reference (TOR), with proper approval and signatures must be completed in order to create a new trust or endowment fund. The completed Terms of Reference must accompany the ChartField Request form when submitting the package to Financial Services. The TOR for a new fund must be signed by the donor (if applicable), the VP and the Department Head or equivalent, whoever will be responsible for regular review and reconciliation of the fund.

Terms of Reference documents are typically coordinated through Development Officers within the Office of Advancement.


Please send completed chartfield request and terms of reference forms to:

Financial Analysis and Reporting
Financial Services