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Pinned Reports

Pinned Reports can now be added to the report menu.  When saving or creating a Pinned Report, a new checkbox is available: "Make Pinned Report Available in Menu" If this is selected, a fly out will appear in the menu structure so that users can choose to either access the base report or directly navigate to a specific Pinned Report.

New checkbox to make report available in the menu


The pinned report now shows beside the base report in a fly out menu.

Suppress $0 lines

$0 lines within the Operating Statement Summary reports can now be suppressed.  A checkbox filter "Suppress $0 Lines?" has been added to all operating statement by tree, by GL Code Pivot and by Account reports. This will hide lines where every value is $0.00. Please note the reason this filter is OFF by default is that often there are debits and credits that net to zero. You would normally want to see these lines so you can click on the $0 amount to drill down to see transaction details.

Operating report showing $0 lines:

Suppress $0 lines checkbox found on Operating Statement summary reports filter pages.

Operating report with $0 lines suppressed:

Execute Button shortcut

A keyboard shortcut has been created to allow the execution of a report by using the combination of 'Ctrl + Enter'. This keyboard shortcut will work for most pages that contain a green 'Execute' button. This feature will work on the Filter Options, Advanced Options, and Report Results tabs.

Selecting the 'Ctrl + Enter' keys will execute the report with the criteria entered.  This is the same as clicking on the Execute Report button on the filter options tab.

Additional options when exporting to excel

When exporting a report to Excel, clicking the Excel file icon will continue to export the way it always has, but there are also some new options available when clicking the up-arrow icon next to the Excel file icon:

  1. Export to Excel (This is the normal export how it has always worked. This shows the report name, last data refresh date and filters used above the report results. The column titles and footer total row are included as well.)

Export to excel showing report name, last data refresh, date, filters, column titles and total rows.

  1. Export with column headers only (New option: does not show report name, last data refresh date, or filters used. This only shows the column titles and report results. The footer total row is excluded.)

Export to excel showing column titles.

  1.  Export raw data only (New option: only shows the report results data with no headers or footers.)

Export to excel showing Raw data.


Dashboards filters are now available for any dashboard that you have created from the dashboard menu.   For more information on this feature, please contact

The below screenshot shows a dashboard created by a user within the dashboard menu.

Date changes on the filter page

There has been a change to the “Fiscal Period/As of Date” filter on reports from a dropdown list to a hierarchy.  The list has been converted from showing all the Fiscal Periods available to a new hierarchy-style list. Instead of picking a fiscal period from a long list that contains hundreds of periods, fiscal periods are now grouped by fiscal year. Individual periods within a year show when the user expands a given fiscal year.  The current fiscal year is expanded by default for easy access, and the current fiscal period is highlighted in bold.

Pre update date filter format

Post update date filter format