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Financial Services releases a new FAST research report

The research community has expressed a desire for a report that combines details for salary payments and Graduate Research Assistant Fellowship (GRAF) payments processed through Accounts Payable (AP).

As a result, Financial Services has developed a new report that is now available!  The report, entitled “Payroll & AP transactions to salary accounts”, is available through the Research Reports section in FAST.


FAST Research Reports Menu

What does this report detail?

The report combines expenses processed through:
•    Payroll (source code PAY) to all expense accounts (500000 through 699999)
•    Accounts Payable (source code AP) to salary-related expense accounts (500000 through 599999)
The intent is to pull together in one report salaries and benefits, as well as GRAF payments.

What is the difference between this report and the “Payroll Details Project Report”?

While the “Payroll Details Project” report pulls all transactions with a source code of PAY, the “Payroll & AP transactions to salary accounts” report also includes transactions paid through AP affecting the salary-related accounts (accounts 500000 through 599999).  
As a result, GRAF and honorarium payments will be included in the accounts payable report, as will any other transaction processed through AP and charged to the salary-related accounts. 

What should I enter in the report filters?

The report can be generated by fiscal year (by selecting the fiscal year filter on the filter page), or by specific period (by selecting the fiscal year and period filters on the filter page).  
The report has been designed to work with research projects only. You may enter a research project or group of projects on the filter page, or if the project filter is left blank, the report will return results for all projects for which you have access