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Timelines and Cut-offs

Important tips to remember!

1. Managing your department’s financial activity starts with effective planning.

2. Effective planning starts with learning important timelines and cut-off dates.

3. Find out what you need to know before you need to know.

Always ask “What is the impact to the payee, to my department, to my Month-end and Year-end reporting, and to my data analysis?” 

To learn more, visit the Financial Services Faculty/Staff Timelines & Cut-offs link and/or the following links:

Accounts Payable Timelines

Payroll Monthly/Casual/Bi-Weekly

Procurement Card Reconciliation Schedule

Month-end Reporting Schedule

Year-end Communications  

Year-end Reporting Schedule for Research Year Ending March 31st

Year-end Reporting Schedule for University Fiscal Year Ending April 30th

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