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New FAST Project Statement report

We are pleased to announce a new Project Statement report, now available in FAST.   

The FAST Project Statement report provides a snapshot of a single research project from project inception to the date specified by the report user, and provides a breakdown of:

  • Total Budget to date
  • Total Expenses to date by category
  • Outstanding Commitments
  • Balance Available/(Deficit)

You must specify a Project and a Balance As Of date in order to generate the report.  The report can be run for one project at a time (not multiple projects).  Report users can access the new report under the Research Reports tab/Project Statement in FAST.

The “Balance Available/(Deficit)” figure on the new Project Statement report, will be the same balance reported on the Project Summary report and the Statement of Operations – Research report.  The financial information is simply presented in a different format.

If you have questions regarding the new Project Statement report, please contact Kathleen Harrison-Clayton at or extension 74159.

Kind Regards,

Research Accounting (Financial Services)