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New Information Added to FAST Trust and Endowment Report

In a continuing effort to improve financial reporting for the Queen’s community, additional information has been added to the FAST Trust and Endowment report.

Donation Revenue and Grants & Contracts columns have been added to the report. This change ensures that all allowable Trust & Endowment revenue types are visible on the Trust and Endowment report. A minor change has been implemented for centrally managed annuities, but this change will have no effect on departmental reporting.

Tip! Users of Personal Pinned Reports (My Pinned Reports section)

If the new columns are applicable to a user’s Trust and Endowment Personal Pinned Report, the user will need to manually add the columns through the Advanced Options tab as shown below:

Snapshot of FAST Pinned Reports Advanced Options Button

Snapshot of FAST Update the Pinned Report Button