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New Role on Campus? Don't Forget to Update your Financial Systems Access

When you change your job (role) on Campus you are responsible for updating your Financial Systems Access.  Often, employees are unsure what forms need to be submitted to ensure they have the proper access to perform their new duties.  Below are the possible forms that you MAY be required to submit.  Please submit only those that are APPLICABLE.

Financial Forms
Form Summary
Financial Systems Security Access Request                                                                  

Prior to requesting access for your new job, you should first submit an iTrack to request your access from your old position be removed.

This online form must be filled out by the intended User.  It is used to grant the User PeopleSoft Finance access, FAST access, and/or Spreadsheet Journal Upload access.  The User must select the roles they require. (JOURNAL ENTRY, JOURNAL EXCEPTION OVERRIDE, SPREADSHEET JOURNAL UPLOAD, GL INQUIRY, RESEARCH REPORTS).  It is imperative that the User include the Department ID(s) for which they require access.  Users are reminded that access is granted at the DEPARTMENT level.  Access cannot be granted to a specific Fund or Project.

Signing Authority Non-Research including acQuire (FIN-FRM-008)

This form is used to add or remove Signing Authority regarding the purchase of Goods and Services.  The FUND and DEPARTMENT must be indicated.

Signing Authority & Research Reports Access Research Funds (FIN-FRM-008R)

This form is used to ADD or REMOVE Delegate, Signing Authority, and/or Manual Signing Authority for a specific Project.  "Delegate" grants the User the ability to View Project specific financial statements and reports in FAST. "Signing Authority" grants the User the ability to view Project specific financial statements and reports in FAST, and authority to approve electronic salary contracts in the HR PeopleSoft contracts system.  "Manual Signing Authority" grants the User the ability to manually approve expenses processed against the Project.  A separate form is required for each Project.

ERS Approver Change Form (PDF, 571 KB)

This form is used to add/remove one Approver to/from the Expense Reimbursement System (ERS)