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ChartField Combination Rules

Based on feedback from the research community, and in an effort to prevent transactions from being incorrectly coded, Financial Services (Research Accounting) has put a Combo Edit Rule into effect that restricts the Fund and Department that can be used with research Projects. We are referring to these rules as 1-1-1 combos. This means that for every 1 research Project, there is 1 associated Department number and one associated Fund number.

Currently, all research projects are affiliated with a department, but until now, there was no “rule” in the finance system preventing a different department number from being used in financial transactions. The same applies to the use of funds. The accuracy of these numbers is important for both financial statement reporting and to ensure that only valid expenses are being charged to research projects.

In order to determine the Department and Fund numbers that are relevant to your research project(s), the FAST Project Summary report can be generated. This report has recently been modified to include the Department Name (in addition to the Department number) as well as the Fund number. As a reminder, externally funded research projects have a Fund number of 30000, and internally funded research projects have a Fund number of 31000.

Execute Report: Project Summary

The following example has been provided:

If a travel expense claim were being processed against project 323000, the transaction would be coded as follows:

Transaction Coding. Fund 30000 Department 15601 Account 640001 Project 323000.

If a Department or Fund number other than 15601 and 30000 are entered, an error message will occur.


Financial Services (Research Accounting)