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Travel and Expenses

The ERS (Expense Reimbursement system) is now available for all Faculty and Staff for the processing of any expense reimbursements, including both travel and non-travel. For those that do not have access to the ERS or for those that choose, expenses may be submitted through the Paper Process.  Please note that any new Cash Advance requests from Faculty and Staff will need to be processed through the ERS.

ERS (Expense Reimbursement System)

The ERS is an easy, point and click, automated, end-to-end online tool that allows users to create, submit, review, and approve expense reports and request cash advances. The use of the ERS substantially reduces the time needed for tedious and resource-consuming manual tasks, as well as the following benefits:

  • Faster payment times 
  • Transparency (e.g. claim status)
  • Automated calculation of foreign currency conversions
  • Allocation of funds (to multiple ChartFields)
  • Delegation

Establishing a delegate to prepare your expense claim or travel request in the ERS is optional. By establishing a delegate, you provide the delegate with access and your consent to view all information in your “My Profile” page. 

Benefits of using the ERS (pdf, 695kB)

Logging in to the ERS  

To log in to the ERS, go to the Queen’s homepage, (or the top of any of the Queen’s website pages), select theMyQueen’sU/Solus portal, and log in using your net id and password. Click on the "My Applications" tab and select "Log in to the ERS" (in the box titled, “Expense Reimbursement System”). 

Resources Last Updated
 Queen's Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy 2017
Users who have reviewed all relevant training resources and tutorials and who would like additional assistance may contact to arrange for additional training as required. March 2016
ERS Training Videos March 2015
ERS Drop-In Sessions October 2017
Roles & Delegations  
ERS Roles (Approvers, Delegates, Previewers (pdf, 194kB) March 2016
Delegate Roles in the ERS (pdf, 600kB) July 2019
Cash Advances  
Cash Advance - Request Advance for Travel (pdf, 204kB) March 2016
Cash Advance - Advance for Subject Payments (pdf, 320kB) July 2019
Cash Advance, Returning Unused Amounts (pdf, 473kB) July 2019
Cash Advance Return Receipt (pdf, 59kB) June 2016
Cash Advance Procedure February 2017
Expense Claims  
Expense Report, How to Create (pdf, 556kB) March 2017
Approving Request & Expense Reports (pdf, 850kB) March 2017
Expense Types in the ERS (pdf, 454kB) March 2017
Receipts in the ERS (pdf, 502kB) March 2017
Procedure - How to Request Pre-Approval for Travel (pdf, 304kB) July 2019
How to Claim an Expense Procedure March 2017
Mobile Applications  
Concur Mobile (pdf, 317kB) March 2016
ExpenseIt Pro (pdf, 214kB) March 2016
TripIt Pro (pdf, 479kB) March 2016
Reference Guides & Other Info  
International Travel - Off Campus Activity Safety Policy November 2019
International Travel - Safety Abroad : Emergency Support Program November 2019
ERS Access for Grad and Undergrad Students that are Employees April 2016
ERS Approver Checklist  (pdf, 324kB) July 2019
ERS Buttons & Icons (pdf, 275kB) March 2015
ERS FAQs (pdf, 501kB) March 2017
ERS First Time User Guide (pdf, 350kB) March 2016
ERS International Meal Costs (pdf, 410kB) March 2017
ERS Quick Start Guide (pdf, 286kB) November 2016
Travel & Related Expenses - Paper Process  
Expense Reimbursement Form August 2020
Travel Advance Form August 2020
Travel Claim Checklist  
Travel Claim Checklist - Claimants (pdf, 421kB) March 2015
Travel Claim Checklist - Approvers (pdf, 418kB) March 2015
Travel Expense Claim Examples  
Travel Expense Claim With a Travel Award Deducted (pdf, 434kB) March 2015
Travel Expense Claim With a Travel Advance Deducted (541kB) March 2015
Travel Expense Claim With a Travel Advance and a Travel Award Deducted (pdf, 390kB) March 2015
Travel Expense Claim With a Travel Advance Deducted & an Amount Owing to Queen's University (pdf, 384kB) March 2015
Travel Expense Claim For an American Visitor (pdf, 475kB) March 2015
Travel Expense Claim For an International Visitor (pdf, 2mb)