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Research Deposits

In an effort to ensure research deposits are processed in an efficient and timely manner, this is a general reminder regarding details which should accompany every deposit forwarded to Research Accounting.

Please ensure the following details are included with all future deposits:

  • All relevant ChartField values must be indicated on the deposit form. Fund-Department-Account-Project are mandatory ChartField values when referencing a research project. Note: CFI Projects also require a Program code if an expense account is used.
  • When referencing a research project, the related fund code must be 30000 (externally funded) or 31000 (internally funded).
  • Please ensure an appropriate description is indicated on the deposit form. The description should provide a clear explanation regarding the purpose of the deposit.
  • In most cases, a revenue account should be used on deposit transmittals (accounts beginning with 4xxxxx). However, there may be rare instances when an expense account may be appropriate. (e.g. external cost recovery)

An expense account would also be appropriate if the deposit is due to the return of funds from a vendor for a duplicate payment.

If you require guidance on any of the above details, please do not hesitate to contact Research Accounting staff at or extension 77627.

Thank you for your support.