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Affiliation of Traveller to Principal Investigator

When submitting a travel claim for reimbursement against a research project, it is important to ensure the affiliation of the claimant to the Principal Investigator is indicated. While it is a best practice to complete this section for all research related travel claims, it is especially important for claims being charged to Tri-Council projects (NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR). During the monitoring visit conducted by the Tri-agencies in May 2011, the agencies disallowed some travel expenses because this section of the claim was not completed.

Therefore in order to avoid processing delays and mitigate the risk of travel expenses being disallowed in future audits or monitoring visits, please ensure this section of all research travel claims is completed prior to submission to Financial Services,

Upon accessing the Travel Expense/Advance form located on the Forms section of our site, this section of the form is not visible at first. However once fund code 30000 (externally sponsored research) or 31000 (internally sponsored research) is entered on the Form under the Account Information section, a drop-down menu will appear which should be used to indicate the Traveller/Acct Affiliation by selecting one of the following options:

  • Self
  • Co-Investigator
  • Student
  • Other

If Other is indicated, you will be asked to provide additional details explaining this affiliation.