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Approvals for Procurement Card Purchases

When making a purchase on your Tri-Council grant using a Procurement Card, researchers or their official signing delegates must ensure their approval accompanies the monthly activity statement where the related charge is reflected.

The monthly Procurement Card activity statements must be signed by the cardholder and their respective supervisor (this must be a one-over-one approval). When the Principal Investigator is the cardholder, they would provide approval for these purchases on the monthly statement as part of the monthly approval process.

A scenario where the researcher is expected to provide an additional approval is described as follows.


In the scenario where a Procurement Card is used to make various purchases within a department, the cardholder may be a departmental representative rather than a researcher. If this is the case, the cardholder and their related departmental supervisor would be required to provide signatures on the monthly activity statements for the Procurement Card.

If a Tri-Council grant purchase is made using this card, the Principal Investigator responsible for the related grant or one of their official signing delegates would be required to document their approval of this expense. This could be accomplished by signing the monthly activity statement (along with the cardholder and supervisor), or sending the cardholder an email authorizing the charge.

The approval document should be kept with the monthly activity statement and supporting receipts, in case it is required as part of a future monitoring visit or audit.

Please note that this is a requirement of the Tri-Council agencies.