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ChartField Values on Research Claims

In order to ensure claims for research expenditures are processed in a timely manner, please ensure the relevant ChartField values are included on the cheque requisition, travel expense claim form or journal entry.

Some important details to remember regarding research related ChartField values are:

  • The Fund code must be equal to 30000 (Externally funded projects) or 31000 (Internally funded projects)
  • The Fund, Department, Account and Project fields are all mandatory fields for research related claims
  • The Project field must reflect the appropriate research project number, which begins with 3xx-xxx. Reminder: Project numbers were the former legacy account numbers.

If you have any questions regarding the appropriate account number to use, please consult with your Business Officer. Reminder: Revenue accounts (accounts beginning with 4xxxxx) should not be used for expenditure claims.

Incorrect or missing ChartField values will result in processing delays, therefore it is important to ensure the required fields are completed and are accurate.

To access information regarding ChartField values, please visit the ChartFields section of our site.