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Useful Tips for Tri-Council Grants

Child Care Expenses

The Tri-Council (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) allow certain child care related expenses to be charged to a grantee’s award. Under specific circumstances, child care costs may be claimed by a single parent or a nursing mother.

A single parent is eligible to claim overnight child care costs incurred while the grantee is travelling.

Nursing mothers who are travelling with a caregiver and a child may also claim the cost of overnight child care.

A maximum of $25 per day may be claimed for child care expenses, which must be supported by receipts.

CIHR (only) allows nursing mothers to claim travel and accommodation costs for the traveling caregiver, to a maximum of $1,000, in lieu of claiming child care expenses.

If you have questions regarding a child care expense claim which differs from the above mentioned scenarios, please contact the Tri-Council agency administration team for pre-approval. Contact details are as follows: