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Useful Tips for Tri-Council Grants

Sabbatical Leave Expenses

The Tri-Council agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) have very specific rules surrounding expenses incurred by grant holders while on sabbatical leave.

Expenses incurred to conduct research field trips while on sabbatical leave are deemed eligible by the Tri-agencies and may include travel, accommodation and meal expenses. However, accommodation and meal expenses incurred at the official sabbatical location are deemed living expenses by the agencies and are thereby ineligible.

Therefore it is important to indicate specific information on travel claims for expenses incurred while on sabbatical leave, including:

  • the length of the sabbatical leave
  • the official sabbatical location
  • a detailed description for each trip and how the expenses relate to the research project being charged

These details will help avoid processing delays and will also reduce the risk of the expenses being disallowed in a future monitoring visit or audit.

In order to ensure these types of expenses are deemed eligible prior to travelling, please do not hesitate to contact Research Accounting at Research Accounting will advise the claimant on the eligibility of the expenses and if there is any uncertainty, Research Accounting may advise claimants to contact the Tri-agencies for pre-approval.