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Useful Tips for Tri-Council Grants

Software Purchases

The Tri-Council (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) will allow the purchase of specialized software if required for a research project and is not normally provided by the institution. All specialized software purchases must be accompanied by an adequate justification, explaining why it is necessary for the purposes of carrying out the research project.

Important Note: “Off the shelf” software purchases are not eligible Tri-Council expenditures (i.e. Microsoft Office). If the software can be found in a store which sells this type of merchandise, it is not considered specialized software and is deemed ineligible.

If you are thinking of purchasing software using agency funds and are unsure if the purchase will be eligible, we recommend that you seek pre-approval from the appropriate agency in order to ensure the purchase is in compliance with Tri-council spending rules.

Tri-Council agency contact details are as follows: