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Useful Tips for Tri-Council Grants

Signing Authority & Research Reports Access Form

When research funding is awarded and a new project is ready to be established, Research Accounting will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) through the TRAQ system, requesting the submission of a Signing Authority & Research Reports Access form along with other required documents.

This form is used to provide an example of the PI’s signature and may also be used to grant certain permissions to authorized delegates for the given project. Permissions may include granting access to research reports, electronic signing authority for online salary requests, or manual signing authority.

In addition, this form is often referred to by both internal and external auditors, in order to confirm the signatory for a specific transaction is appropriately authorized and meets audit requirements. Secondly, it is also referred to by Financial Services to ensure expenses have been appropriately authorized, in an effort to safeguard PI research funds. The exception to this would be where the PI has submitted a claim for reimbursement. In these cases, a “one-up” signature is required by the Department Head or Dean, who is not required to be indicated on the form. In order to ensure a clear audit trail exists, one form is required for each individual research project.

For all of these reasons, a research project cannot be established until the completed form is submitted to Research Accounting.

The form:

 FIN-FRM-008R - Signing Authority & Research Reports (pdf, 257kB)