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Financial Services

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Certificate Program

Earn your Financial Services Certificate online!

“Understanding the Basics of

Financial Activities at Queen’s”

This user-focused certificate program consisting of 27 core and 2 elective sessions promises to show how the financial activities performed by you and your department fit in to the broader university processes giving you a more complete view of the bigger picture at Queen’s. Gain knowledge in basic financial activity, build financial skillset, and perform your role with confidence and ease, all while accommodating your busy schedule.


Utilizing a delivery model which provides schedule flexibility, the Financial Services’ Certificate Program will offer the opportunity for many across Queen’s University to learn about the various financial matters applicable to our organization while providing a great educational option for career development.”

- Martin Galczynski, Associate Director, Finance, Faculty of Arts & Science

“The Finance Certificate Program will highlight the importance of financial knowledge in our daily activities.  The series of on-line tutorials will increase the understanding of the basics surrounding financial activities at Queen’s.  At the end of the day, students enrol in courses to learn knowledge and build confidence that will help them get ahead — get a better job or get a promotion.  This certificate program is a great first step in that direction!”

- Ginette Denford, Director, Finance and Staffing, Division of Student Affairs

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