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ERS - Expense Reimbursement System

Please note that the ERS training documentation was up-to-date as of January 2017, but does not yet reflect the recent revisions to the Travel and Expense Policy, regarding both the allowance of meal Per Diems on all claims where applicable, and the elimination of the need to keep original (paper) receipts related to ERS claims beyond the point at which they have been paid out to the claimant.

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ERS Introduction        
ERS Overview      

FAST - Fast Administrative Support Tool

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FAST - Introduction        
FAST - Basic Navigation        
FAST - Dashboards        
FAST - Department Expendable Report        
FAST - Pinned Reports        
FAST - Project Statement Report        
FAST - Research Project Summary Report        
FAST - Research Statement of Operations Report        
FAST - Stm of Ops Non-Resh Report PART 1        
FAST - Stm of Ops Non-Resh Report PART 2 (Reconciling)        
FAST - Transaction Details Balance Sheet Report        
FAST - Transaction Details Rev & Exp Report        
FAST - Trust & Endowment Report        
FAST - Tips & Tricks        

PeopleSoft Finance

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Getting Started with the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface        
PeopleSoft - Adding a Tile on your HomePage or NavBar        
PeopleSoft - GL WorkCentre        
PeopleSoft - Navigating within PeopleSoft Finance        

PeopleSoft Journal Entry

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Journal Entry - Instructional Manual        
Journal Entries - Part Two - Research        
1. How to Log in to Finance PeopleSoft        
2. How to Personalize the Journal Lines Page        
3. How to Create a Journal Entry        
4. How to Recall a Journal Entry        
5. How to Add Additional Lines to a Journal Entry        
6. How to Delete a Journal Entry        
7. How to Copy a Journal Entry        
8. How to Print a Journal Entry