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On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Queen’s will be performing an update to the PeopleSoft financial system.  As part of the PeopleSoft update, the user experience will change due to the new PeopleSoft Fluid user interface. The PeopleSoft Fluid user interface was designed to be used on mobile devices, but can easily be used on a laptop or a desktop. Users will see a new homepage when logging into PeopleSoft Finance. The new Fluid home page is a collection of tiles that users tap to access commonly used navigations.

Watch the Oracle YouTube video: Getting Started with the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface for a brief overview of FLUID, what to expect, and how to modify your homepage.

The new homepage will change how the end user navigates through the PeopleSoft Finance system.  Please refer to the training documentation outlining the different ways of Navigating within PeopleSoft Finance (using the new PeopleSoft Fluid interface) as well as how to Add a New Tile to your Homepage or NavBar

Although the General Ledger WorkCenter is not new with this PeopleSoft update, if you currently are not using it, we would encourage you to use the General Ledger WorkCenter going forward.  The GL WorkCenter is a central spot for navigation within PeopleSoft for GL users.  It has been designed to help you do your work by making it easier to access commonly used pages and information needed to perform certain tasks without having to navigate between different menus.  Items such as journals requiring processing, journals with exceptions, reporting, and my links, can be found within the General Ledger WorkCenter resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.  Please refer to the training documentation detailing the GL WorkCenter.