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New Research Training Videos

Four new research training videos have been developed to help provide additional guidance to the Queen’s research community.

The following three videos are an accompaniment to existing PDF documents on these topics:

Research Commitments – A Look Behind This Figure

Gain a better understanding about research commitments.  Learn about the different types of commitments and how they are calculated and reflected in research reports.

Research Overhead – Understanding the Basics

Learn the basics of research overhead, including what it is, how it is calculated and recorded, and other important factors to help you manage your research project.

Research Projects – Understanding the Life Cycle

Learn about the life cycle of a research project, from project establishment to project close.  This tutorial will describe the requirements of a research project from a Research Accounting perspective.

In addition, a new training video has been created on the following topic:

Research Budget Templates

Learn why a budget template must be submitted before a research project can be established, as well as some guidelines to assist you in completing one of these documents.

The videos are available in the Financial Services Learning Catalogue at: Managing Specific Funds

If you have suggestions for future research training topics, please send your feedback to

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