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Useful Tips for Tri-Council Grants

Grant/Award Specific Instructions

The guidelines and general principles provided in the “Use of Grant Funds” section of the Tri-Council Agencies’ website may apply to the majority of Tri-Council funded research projects. These details may be viewed at NSERC. However, certain grants and awards may have specific spending restrictions which are not reflected in these guidelines.

For example, NSERC Idea to Innovation (I2I) Grants typically do not allow expenses in relation to publication costs or conference related travel. These costs must be justified during the budget submission process and are approved on a case by case basis. NSERC Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) grants are another example of grants with specific restrictions. For these research projects, grant holders must purchase the specific type of equipment for which the grant was awarded. Any deviation from these details must be formally approved by NSERC, prior to purchase.

Therefore, grant holders may want to review agency guidelines surrounding specific grants or awards following the approval of such funding, in order to ensure compliance with existing spending restrictions prior to spending.

If you have a question regarding a specific grant or award, you may contact Research Accounting at or you may contact the appropriate agency directly. Agency contact information is available in the Tri-Council Grants section of our site.