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Useful Tips for Tri-Council Accounts

Project Closings

Prior to the final allowable spending date for Tri-Council funded projects (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR), Principal Investigators must ensure the following steps are completed:

  • Final spending must be completed
  • Outstanding purchase orders and salary commitments must be cleared
  • Outstanding advances must be accounted for and cleared
  • If the project is in a deficit position, alternate ChartField values must be provided to Research Accounting staff in order to clear the deficit

All of these items must be completed before a final report can be prepared and submitted to the Tri-agencies by the required deadline. Any unspent balances remaining at the end of the project will either be returned to the agency (CIHR) or will be transferred to one of the General Research Funds (NSERC & SSHRC) if approved by the respective agency. General Research Funds fall under the authority of the VP (Research) office.

Project end date reminders are sent to Principal Investigators by Research Accounting staff at the beginning of the calendar year. Principal Investigators are asked to be aware of their final spending dates and to take the necessary measures to ensure their projects are ready for closure by the final spending date. Any questions regarding project closure requirements may be directed to Research Accounting staff at