Allergy Fastpass (2023-2024)

Upon consultation, students with allergies and other complex or life-threatening dietary needs can access the Allergy Fastpass through the Transact Mobile App to book a seat reservation in Ban Righ or Leonard dining hall, allowing you to bypass the line for access to quick and safe meals.

Steps to Access Allergy Fastpass: 

1.       Download the Transact Mobile App on your iPhone or Android.  

2.       Log-in with your Queen’s credentials. 

After downloading the app and accessing the Allergy Fastpass, here’s what to do:

1.       Open the Transact Mobile App and select “Allergy Fastpass – Ban Righ” or "Allergy Fastpass – Leonard."

2.       Select a time and reserve a seat. There are only 13 reservations per time slot. Select confirm. 

3.       The order queue will confirm your reservation time and receipt. 

4.       When you arrive at the dining hall, look for the Allergy Fastpass lane to the left of the main entry line. 

5.       Show your reservation receipt to the cashier. They will swipe your card upon entry (a swipe is not deducted through the app).

*Individuals provided with access to the Allergy Fastpass are able to bring one other individual with them. Meal swipes and/or guest passes will be used accordingly.

Questions about the Allergy Fastpass or dining with allergies or other dietary needs? Email or book a meeting with the Registered Dietitian.  

Remember to always Ask Before You Eat. Don’t be shy, we are here to help!

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Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am