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FURNITURE ACQUISITION for <$50K | FAP 01 C | Pre-installation Checklist


The complete Furniture Acquisition Process for <$50K is summarized here.



Queen's Client Representative that will be available for all the pre-, during, and post installation activities and communication to all stakeholders:

x12345 for Queen's extension
Arrange stakeholders meeting to discuss optimum installation date(s). The furniture installation should be planned to have least negative impact on business operations as well as balanced within the project means and budget.
When planning for furniture installation date(s), wherever possible, consideration should be given to other influences that could adversely affect the installation such as, weather, other events on campus and activities in the origin or destination building(s), planned power outages, exam or 'all quiet' dates, City of Kingston road closures, planned elevator maintenance and/or shut downs or preventative maintenance, etc.
Communicate the time-frame and schedule to all stakeholders. Post the agreed upon sequencing plan in a prominent location.
Determine what existing furniture, equipment or other assets/items should be moved, discarded, relocated temporarily or permanently to facilitate the new furniture installation - cost/budget is borne by the user. Label and tag the items appropriately. Mark up a floor plan and indicate where items are located currently and where they are to go either before, during or after the new furniture arrives.
Purging and Recycling Totes are available through Recycle@Queen's or contact PPS Fixit by phone internal 77301, 613-533-6757 or by email at fixit@queensu.ca
If an external mover is to be retained to undertake moving of existing furniture, specialty equipment or other items, a date will need to be secured from the mover (i.e. Purtell) before the furniture installation date(s) can be firmed up with the VOR. The ‘furniture move-out’ information needs to be communicated to all the stakeholders affected.
Prior to the furniture installation mark up a floor plan for the installers indicating move phases (if required) highlighting, chronologically, the areas being vacated and moved into, and the sequencing and location/placement of the new furniture.
Specialty Movers - laboratory equipment that need specialty movers due to the proprietary disassembly/reassembly by the vendor, calibration, service agreements or some other sensitive nature of the equipment. Bio-safety cabinets and incubators are usually moved by lab equipment movers due to the re-certification and special preparation and setup required. If applicable, identify the lab equipment that will need specialty movers and secure a price from a qualified mover.
Ensure that the Queen's client representative named above is available for all pre, during, and post installation activities.
If new furniture is to be moved into a "Non-Queen's owned" or leased property, arrangements will need to be made with the Landlord, preferably 90 days in advance of the installation regarding the following:
Communication to other Tenants or building occupants regarding Queen’s furniture installation date(s)
Location of temporary way-finding/signage for the furniture installers from the off-loading area to the installation area(s)
Building operator or maintenance person contact information, including 3rd party service provider information
Building emergency contact information
Confirmation of building access including after-hours access and any special requirements including security
Loading dock access and availability
If no loading dock or area where will the truck(s) park during off-loading
Turning radius for furniture delivery truck(s)
Elevator access/availability
Elevator dimensions height, PSI loading, interior protection requirements, keys
Security clearances for the installers
Snow removal for exterior path of travel areas
Arrangements if hand-balming of furniture is required
Removal of packing materials
In premises and path of travel post installation cleaning
Arranging Pre- and Post-installation ‘path of travel’ inspection
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