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EH&S: Hazardous Waste Disposal - Chemical Waste and Battery Disposal Request

This form must be completely filled out when submitting individual requests. Upon completing a submission you will be forwarded to a confirmation page, if you wish to make another submission, hit the back button on your browser and enter the new information.

If you have a large number of items to dispose of you may wish to use the Chemical Waste Excel Sheet. This file can be found in the Waste Disposal section of the Environmental Health and Safety website directly below the link to this form. Once you've filled out the excel sheet you can submit it in the location provided below.

Reminder: Deadline for submissions is 9:00 am on Tuesdays

Use this section to submit individual waste requests
(Where waste is located)
Use this section to submit bulk disposals with the Chemical Waste Disposal Form
When disposing of large amounts of waste you may download the Waste Disposal Form from our website. Simply fill in the required information and submit it here.
By clicking on the "I Agree" button above I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the above information is correct and there are no PCB's in the waste.