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Facebook Advertising Request

If you would like to book and ad / promoted post for distribution from the main Queen's Facebook page, please fill in this form and submit it for consideration. We ask that you initiate this process 10 days prior to when you would like your ad run, to allow time for questions, design work, and to determine if your post can be scheduled as requested into our content calendar. Unfortunately, due to ever-growing demand, we may not be able to support all ad requests.

NOTE: Please be advised that this form will time out after 30 minutes. You may also experience problems submitting the form if you are currently logged into another Queen’s website. To avoid any inconvenience, log out of all other browser windows before completing this form. We also recommend saving your information in a text file in advance so you can copy and paste it into the form.

Contact Information
Please describe the reason for this promoted post and how it ties in with the universities priorities and goals. What are your goals for this ad? What other projects or initiatives is this ad tied to?
Content for Ad
Please provide draft text for your post. For Facebook, 90 characters is ideal. If this is not possible, we recommend limiting the post to 1-2 short paragraphs. Do not include emoji graphics, if you require the use of an emoji please indicate them in text form only (e.g. smile emoji, tricolour hearts emoji, etc.)
Please provide a high-resolution image for possible use in your ad. If you have a few images that you would like us to consider, please upload them all. Finalizing a suitable image for your post may involve graphic design work.
Prefered start date and budget
We typically run ads for only 1-4 days with budgets that are under $1,000. We will try our best to accommodate your preferred dates.
Please indicate the preferred number of days that you would like your post to run. Depending on the amount of budget you have designated we may alter this.
We recommend a minimum of $40-100 for your post to reach a significant number of people ( > 1000 people).
You need to be specific as to which countries, states/provinces, and cities you want to target. Each one must be listed separately, separated by a comma. For cities, we can specify up to a 50-mile radius around each one.
Default is ‘all’
We typically do English only, since our language of instruction is English.
Detailed targeting
  • Please provide at least 8-10 interests separated by a comma to target in relation to the post/content you will be promoting; the more specific you get in terms of your interests, the more successful your ad will be because it will be reaching the correct people. Interests are based on the Fan Pages someone likes or specific things they have listed in their profile. Because there can be many Page names that are a match, there is no way to list ALL the available interests.  But there are more general “keyword” interests. 
  • Please note: We can only guarantee targeting fans of the main Queen’s University Page. You can also target the fans of another Facebook (by typing the Page name in and seeing if there is a “match”). Typically larger pages are able to be targeted but not always – it’s hit and miss and up to Facebook.
  • if you have a Facebook account of your own, you can go to Facebook and click on “Create an Ad” - from here, select ‘Engagement’ as a goal and jump to ‘Audience’ in the left-hand column. Under detailed targeting, enter in your keywords and/or phrases and see if they are listed in the Facebook database. If they do not come up as being already in the database of keywords/phrases, they cannot be targeted.

Read more about Facebook targeting.

Design account codes
If you are already working with a Marketing Coordinator on other materials for this project, please indicate who you are working with.