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Request for Principal's participation

Thank you for inviting Principal Patrick Deane to participate at your special event. To help support the success of your event please complete the form below.

Before an event can be scheduled on the Principal’s calendar, this form must be filled out completely and electronically submitted preferably a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event date.

While the principal openly accepts the vast majority of invitations that are requested, declines to invitations due to calendar conflicts are possible. The principal’s office attempts to accommodate most requests that support the mission of the university and appreciates your patience with the principal’s complex calendar.

Event date
(if different from event start time)
Please select all that are applicable.
Speaking request
Include all relevant messages, suggestions, and information.
Event details
If the invitation includes dignitaries, government officials or VIPs, please include guest list.
Who is the Master of Ceremonies/Host (if not the Principal)?
Who is introducing the Principal (if not the MC/Host)?
Who is greeting the Principal?
If yes, the Office of the Principal will need to approve.