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Twitter Advertising Request

If you would like to book and ad / promoted post for distribution from the main Queen's Twitter account (@queensu), please fill in this form and submit it for consideration. We ask that you initiate this process 10 days prior to when you would like your ad run, to allow time for questions, design work, and to determine if your post can be scheduled as requested into our content calendar. Unfortunately, due to ever-growing demand, we may not be able to support all ad requests.

NOTE: Please be advised that this form will time out after 30 minutes. You may also experience problems submitting the form if you are currently logged into another Queen’s website. To avoid any inconvenience, log out of all other browser windows before completing this form. We also recommend saving your information in a text file in advance so you can copy and paste it into the form.

Contact Information
Please describe the reason for this promoted post, including how it ties in with university priorities and goals. What are your goals for this ad? What other projects or initiatives is this ad tied to?
Twitter Ads objective based campaigns are designed to help you achieve results that drive action and add value to your business. Create campaigns tailored for a variety of business goals, from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness.
Content for Ad
Provide a max of 280 characters for use in your promoted post. A link will use 24 of those characters, leaving 256. Images do not take up extra space in the tweet. Do not include emoji graphics, if you require the use of an emoji please indicate them in text form only (e.g. smile emoji, tricolour hearts emoji, etc.) If you’re trying to drive people directly to your website or account, avoid hashtags and/or @usernames in your text as they can be distracting (users will click on them instead of your link, account, etc). Instead create a simpler, more focused ad, this can improve the results of your campaign.
Provide a high-resolution image for possible use in your ad. If you have a few that you would like us to consider include those as well. This image will be used by Queen’s Marketing to create an appropriate graphic for your ad. You will need to fill in the Marketing Services Design and/or Printing Requisition form to start this project.
Images must be at least 1024 pixels wide x 512 pixels high and, if larger, must crop well to that aspect ratio.
If the media asset to be loaded is a video please provide a TITLE for the video (70 character max) and a DESCRIPTION (200 character max)
Prefered start date and budget
We typically run ads for only 1-4 days with budgets that are under $1000. We will try our best to accommodate your preferred dates but may not be able to if we have already planned content/ads for these days.
Please indicate the preferred number of days that you would like your post to run. Depending on the amount of budget you have designated we may alter this.
We recommend minimum $40-100 for your post to reach a significant number of people ( > 1000 people).
If you know what you want your daily maximum budget to be for each day that the ad will run, please indicate it here.
Please list locations, separated by a comma. For Twitter, we can only target at the county and states/province level, and not specific cities (unlike Facebook). Not all countries and states/provinces can be targeted.
We typically do English only since our language of instruction is English
Targeting @usernames allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts. For example, enter @TwitterAds to target people likely to be interested in advertising on Twitter. Please provide the usernames of the accounts that you want to be targeted (8-10 accounts minimum). Each account must be separated by a comma.
Keyword targeting

Keyword targeting allows you to reach Twitter users based on keywords in their search queries, recent Tweets, and Tweets they recently engaged with. Because you can reach people for whom your message will be most relevant and top of mind, this targeting option puts you in a better position to drive engagements and as well as leads and conversions.

Please provide at least 10 keywords and hashtags to target your ad, separated by a comma.
Design account codes
If you are already working with a Marketing Coordinator on other materials for this project, please indicate who you are working with.