Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

[Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre]
[Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre]

Many of our activities involve food! We usually have a stocked kitchen (or leftovers) - drop by if you are hungry! 

Fall Welcome BBQ

We hold a Welcome BBQ in September - watch our Facebook page or online events calendar for the details!

Three Sisters Feast Nights

[image of three sisters: squash, corn and beans]

Enjoy the meal prepared by the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre staff or a Guest Chef

1st and 3rd Wednesday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm from September-December & January-April except for holidays

Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, 144 Barrie Street, Kingston, ON

We are recruiting guest chefs for the upcoming academic year! If you are interested, please contact Cynthia Delahaye at for further information and/or to select a week to volunteer.  Don’t let the word ‘chef’ concern you! This opportunity is for those with or without culinary talents and experience. The staff at FDISC is here to assist you!

Frybread & Bannock Fridays

On the last Friday of the month, from 12 - 1pm, during the academic year, join us for Frybread & Bannock with your favourite topping!

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