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Laura Maracle

Indigenous Cultural Safety Coordinator

My name is Laura Maracle. I am a mixed-race woman who has made the conscious decision to live my life according to Haudenosaunee tradition. My biological father was an Anishinabek man and my mother is of French/Irish descent. The father who raised me is Mohawk and that is how I know Tyendinaga as my home today. I was born and raised in Toronto, where I spent the first twenty-two years of my life. Thereafter, I claimed my identity, language and culture and have been sitting with the Bear Clan and learning in the longhouse with the traditional Haudenosaunee people of Tyendinaga. 

My work experience includes the fields of administration, legal secretary (corporate and criminal law), Indigenous employment and Indigenous education.  My passion, heart and soul lies in the field of Indigenous education. Having taught from early childhood right up to Adult Education, the biggest life lessons I have gained came from teaching at-risk youth at the high-school level.  Most recently, my path has taken me back to the world of Indigenous Post-Secondary Education, while raising two beautiful daughters. As Four Direction Student Centre’s Indigenous Cultural Safety Coordinator, I work with staff, students and faculty to deliver workshops and training related to the history of Indigenous peoples and current reality.

If you would like book a training please contact me at

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