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Indigenous Initiatives Visitorship Fund       

The Office of Indigenous Initiatives invites applications for grants from the Indigenous Initiatives Visitorship Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to enhance the student learning experience by advancing reconciliation/conciliation on campus; promote an understanding of Indigenous histories, perspectives, and contemporary issues within the university community; and-or build relationships with Indigenous communities, organizations and individuals to foster mutually beneficial collaborations which enhance Indigenous education opportunities and research collaborations.

•All members of the Queen’s community are welcome to submit an application to the Indigenous Initiatives Visitorship Fund. Applications from faculty members will be given priority consideration.

II.Selection Criteria
•Grants from the Indigenous Initiatives Visitorship Fund are intended to assist in covering the costs of inviting external speakers to the university and-or organizing a scholarly event that speaks to the intended purpose of the Fund.

III.Selection Process
•Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Indigenous Initiatives. In reaching its decision, the office looks at the suitability of the speaker and/or event and the impact the visit or event would have on advancing reconciliation/conciliation and promoting Indigenous ways of knowing.

IV.Items Eligible for Funding
•Speaker fees and associated expenses
•Room and equipment rentals for meetings and conferences
•Travel expenses
•Purchase of food or beverages
•Volunteer recognition tokens of appreciation

V.Items Not Eligible for Funding
•Purchase of equipment
•Expenses such as charitable donations or wages
•Expenses in support of individuals attending a meeting or conference

•Invitations to apply for funding will be extended once in the fall term and once in the winter term.
•Deadlines to submit applications are as follows: October 1st for the fall term and February 15th for the winter term
•Applications for funding will be accepted up to $2,000.
•Up to five grants will be award per academic year.
•Applicants may only apply once per academic year.
•Applicants are reminded that all events sponsored by Queen’s University are to be accessible to people with disabilities. In their planning, applicants must give accessibility the highest priority.
•Successful applicants will make all arrangements for the visit and/or scholarly event and be responsible for coordinating their event, along with hosting visitors while on campus.
•Support from the Indigenous Initiative Visitorship Fund should be acknowledged in each publications, programs, credits, etc.
•Application will not be consider for expenses already incurred.

VII.Terms and Conditions
•After the visit or scholarly event, applicants must submit a report within 45 working days of the event, including a breakdown of actual revenues and expenditures and a list of activities associated with the invited speaker/event.
•Please note that any unused portion of a grant must be returned to the Office of Indigenous Initiatives with the final report. The Office of Indigenous Initiatives is not responsible for covering deficits of visits/events that cost more than the anticipated budget.

VIII.Application Form

•A completed application form is essential for consideration by the adjudication committee. Please contact for the application form. •Applications may vary the length of the sections, but the content of the application form is limited to five pages.
•You may include up to 10 pages of supporting documentation, such as curriculum vitae, letters of support, abstracts of previous keynote addresses, etc.
•One electronic copy of your application should be sent to All submissions will be held in confidence. If you have any questions regarding this application process please send all enquiries to

IV. Deadlines for Submissions 

•Fall term: August 15th

•Winter term: December 15th

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