Non-Credit Courses

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Course location: Kingston Hall (rooms tbd)


  • Course offered subject to enrolment. Enrolment is limited.
  • Some courses may not be offered every session.
  • Certificates of Completion may be offered to those having completed a minimum of 70% of their course (not applicable to all courses, see course descriptions below for more information).

French Conversation Lessons



Minimum enrolment required: 8 students

Non-credit, 10-week course
Cost $210; See schedule
Certificate of Completion:
OFFERED for this course.

The French Lessons series of courses is designed to accommodate French students of all levels and backgrounds. In the Introductory class, we will learn to conjugate basic French verbs in the past, present, and future tenses; we will also study basic vocabulary and sentence structure, and learn useful French expressions and cultural history. Through fun, stress-free, and educational grammar lessons, classroom activities, and regular homework assignments, students in this class will develop a strong base knowledge of the French language that will be a solid starting point for any further French studies. With a strong encouragement of student participation and classroom discussion, this course is designed to offer a positive and encouraging learning environment where students can improve their knowledge and application of the French language, and make new French-speaking friends in the process.