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Department of French Studies

New: Online French for Professionals Certificate

Designed to provide students with the necessary language skills to effectively work in a bilingual professional environment, the Certificate in French for Professionals will help both new learners and current professionals establish the written and oral communication skills required to meet the specific needs of their workplace. Students will enhance their effective communication skills by applying new vocabulary and expressions in daily interactions, learning how to tailor language for specific business contexts, and constructing documentation necessary for workplace success. Through core courses, students will analyze case studies, participate in role-play activities, and create collaborative projects that simulate real work situations.


The Certificate requires students to complete 12.0 units total, including 3 core courses and 1 option course. Undergraduate students enrolled in a Queen’s degree program as well as this Certificate program may count up to 6.0 units toward both the requirements of the Certificate and their degree program. The remaining 6.0 units will be in addition to those required for the degree.

Please see the French for Professionals (FRPR) drop-down on the following page for the Online French for Professionals Certificate requirements.