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My child has little or no knowledge of the French language, can s/he attend the camp? Will s/he feel overwhelmed?

No previous experience in French is necessary to attend our camp! We are an immersion camp for all levels, and strive to make programming that challenges all campers to speak and learn the language, but never to the point of distress! Campers will always be encouraged to use as much French as possible, but English will always be allowed as needed.


My child is bilingual between French and English, will s/he still enjoy the camp?

Challenging all campers is important to us! We strive to not only provide a language immersion experience for campers, but also to contextualize French culture and history within both Canada and the global community. There is lots for your child to learn!


What is your staff-to-camper ratio?

Our overall staff : camper ratio is 1:5. However, this varies depending on the age group of the camper. For campers aged 4-7, we will maintain a 1:5 ratio, and for campers aged 8-9 we will maintain a 1:8 ratio.


What kinds of activities will my child do at Queen’s French Camp?

We offer a wide range of programming, much of which is created by staff in May and June each year, but campers can expect a variety of activity types including role playing games, sports and outdoor activities, and activities based on culture and history, all with twists to provide language immersion experience!


What does my child need to bring for a day at French Camp?

Your child will need a packed lunch, water bottle and lots of sunscreen! No electronics will be allowed at camp, please do not send your child with electronic games, cell phones, tablets, etc.


Can my child bring nuts or peanuts in their lunch?

No, we are a nut-free camp.


Will campers be split into groups? Can my child be placed in a group with their friend(s)?

Yes, campers will be split into two groups based on age (4-6 or 7-9). If you would like to make special arrangements for this, please phone the camp staff to discuss.


Where is the camp located?

We are located on Queen's campus in Theological Hall (2nd floor).


Do you provide food or lunch?

No, we do not provide lunch. Campers must bring their own peanut-free lunch and snacks.


What is your refund policy?

A camper is not registered for a session until payment in full has been rendered to the camp. Prior to June 15, this payment is available for refund less $50 of the session payment of each registration spot a camper occupies. This amount is considered to be a deposit to the camp, saving that registration/enrollment space. On, or after June 15, all payments are non-refundable. This also applies to applications received after June 15.  After June 15 with detailed written notice, the camp fee less $50 per registration space enrolled, will be returned to a camper who must withdraw, provided that the camp has been notified at least 14 days prior to the first day of the camp session from which they would like to withdraw. No refund will be made for a camper who withdraws at any time after the start of their registered session. There is no reduction of fees for late arrival or early departure, nor is there a refund if a camper is required to leave per request by the management of Queen’s French Camp. Cancellations due to injuries and illness may also be subject to the refund policy outlined above, at the discretion of the Camp Director.


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