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Pourquoi les études françaises?

The Department of French Studies, located in the heart of campus, boasts an active and diverse research and teaching program since its creation in the late 1860s. The French Department encourages personal contact with professors and an opportunity for total immersion. The Department has over 1000 undergraduate students taught by 8 permanent academic faculty with excellent research expertise. A significant number of international students, including students from Québec, Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States make it a vibrant and dynamic place to study.

The Department offers language instruction from beginner to advanced and a wide range of literature courses. Covering the areas of Francophonie, Québec and Canadian studies, civilisation and culture from the Middle-Ages to the present, it also offers courses in film and media and translation. Our undergraduate program's strength stems from having core components that allow for flexibility of choice. Undergraduates are encouraged to spend their third year of study at a francophone university, for which they receive 3 to 4 Queen's credits. Most of our students are also given the opportunity to participate in summer immersion programs.

Queen's University library possesses an excellent selection of French books and journals and the recent designation of Kingston as a bilingual city highlights the importance of resources and services in French.


Pourquoi une majeure en Études françaises?

  • le monde francophone existe sur les 5 continents
  • la maitrise du français donne accès à une perspective multiculturelle sur le monde
  • le français est la langue de grands organismes internationaux (p.ex. ONU, OTAN, Jeux olympiques)
  • le français est une langue de l'avenir, en pleine croissance, notamment en Afrique
  • le français une grande langue de culture

  • une très bonne maitrise de la langue écrite et orale
  • la capacité d'analyser des documents et des situations complexes
  • les compétences culturelles
  • Introduction à la pensée critique

  • l'enseignement du français
  • la traduction
  • le journalisme et les relations publiques
  • la fonction publique, y compris les affaires extérieures
  • le monde de la santé, surtout au Canada

Getting Started

What courses should you take in your First year if you're interested in French Studies?

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Major, Joint Honours, & Minor

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Want to learn french, but can't make it part of your degree plan? There are a few certificate options to give you credit for your language learning.

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