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Courses offered

Fall-Winter 2018-2019 

FREN 150 Français intermédiaire

FREN 498 Séminaire de lecture

FREN 499 Apprentissage et enseignement du français langue seconde

Fall 2018

FREN 106 (online course, see Note below) Communication et culture I

FREN 107 (online course, see Note below) Communication et culture II

FREN 219 Communication et culture IV

FREN 230 Analyse textuelle et étude de la langue

FREN 241 Histoire culturelle et littéraire de l'Ancien Régime

FREN 250 Grammaire avancée

FRST 290/FREN 392 (online course, see Note below) Paris Through Literature, Painting, Cinema and Photography

FREN 320 Communication et culture V

FREN 330 Rédaction et style I

FREN 343 Histoire culturelle et littéraire de la francophonie et du Québec

FREN 351 Écrits de la francophonie

FREN 363 Histoire de la langue française

​FREN 394 / FRST 294 Montréal Interculturel: une metropole en représentation

Winter 2019

FREN 107 (online course, see Note below) Communication et culture II

FREN 118 (online course, see Note below) Communication et culture III

FREN 219 Communication et culture IV

FREN 230 Analyse textuelle et étude de la langue

FREN 250 Grammaire avancée

FREN 304 Introduction à la littérature française du Moyen Age

FREN 320 Communication et culture V

FREN 324  Le roman français du 20e siècle

FREN 331 Rédaction et style II

​FREN 342 Histoire culturelle et littéraire de la France moderne et contemporaine

​FREN 350 Littératures autochtones comparés en Amérique du Nord

FREN 450 Travaux pratiques: stylistique et traduction​

Spring 2019 (Online Only)
FRST 105 Reading French (not official)
Note: online courses

All online courses will be offered online only through Continuing and Distance Studies. See CONTINUING AND DISTANCE STUDIES COURSES. To see all CDS courses on Solus Campus Students will need to change their course career to Distance Studies. 

As the courses fill up, you may come across the following message on SOLUS "You are unable to enrol in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved for students in other Programs and/or Plans. Please keep trying as more seats may become available." Please be advised that any reserved places not taken, will be released at the beginning of September for Fall courses, and January for Winter courses.  

Are you looking to take online French courses? If yes, try those offered at Athabasca University and contact the Undergraduate Chair in French Studies to discuss possible transfer credits at Queen's University.