French Studies

Department of French Studies
Department of French Studies

Departmental Student Council (DSC)


Executive Team:

  • Chairs report to the ASUS Academics Commissioner:
  • The Academic Commissioner is also responsible for monthly DSC Assemblies, the DSC handbook, etc.

Visit the website for the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS)!

Please contact the departmental office if you would like to contact your class representative.

Responsibilities of a DSC Chair
  • Academic liaison between students, faculty, and staff
  • Organizing social events (ie. bake sales)
  • USAT evaluations 
Functions of a DSC Chair
  • Elect a DSC Executive
  • Elect students to serve on Departmental Committees and to serve on Faculty Board
  • Deliver, with the coordination of the department, written course evaluations in all on campus courses offered within the department.

If you are interested in being a member of the DSC or would like to help with any of our activities (and/or provide suggestions for activities), please contact the DSC Chairs.

Timeline for the DSC Chairs


Chairs may attend weekly departmental meetings.


  • Chairs attend monthly Faculty Board meetings.
  • Chairs attend monthly meetings with the DSC Assembly.
  • Contact the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS; 613-533-6278) for tasks, responsibilities, procedures and regulations.
  • Council is hired.
  • Class representatives are chosen or elected.

Contact all class representatives for responsibilities throughout the year.

  • Class leaders
  • USAT course evaluations
  • etc.
  • Ensure that all Fall term class representatives are aware of their responsibilities and deadlines for the USAT course evaluations.
  • Start considering possible candidates for Vice-President the following year (interviews to take place later in the year).

→ Organize all necessary preparations for the French Clothing

  • Contact the clothing provider.
  • Through the departmental office: e-mail all undergraduate student in French for the French slogan contest (the best slogan will be printed on the clothing).
  • Put up posters and/or talk to classes to inform all students of the French slogan contest.
  • Provide the departmental office with an updated French DSC Clothing Order Form.
  • Collect funds (through the departmental office) for French clothing orders.

→ Send out an email to all undergraduate students going into their 2nd or 3rd year of a French Major or Medial to ask for applications for the position of Vice-President.

  • Collect the last of the orders for the French Clothing.
  • Order the clothing through the provider.
  • Drop off clothing orders at the departmental office and email students to pick them up.
  • Organize for the beginning of March an open Wine & Cheese event for students and profs (contact ASUS for regulations).
  • Current Co-Chairs will need to run an election according to the French DSC Constitution (see the ASUS Academics Commissioner for more information).
  • Chairs hired.
  • Ensure that all class representatives for Fall-Winter and Winter terms of that year are aware of their responsibilities and deadlines for the USAT course evaluations.