French Studies

Department of French Studies
Department of French Studies

Exchange Opportunities with French Studies

There is an increasing number of students interested in travelling abroad to study. The department of French Studies highly encourages those students. While being immersed in different cultures and life-styles, students may study and appreciate the French language. Here are options students can explore:

Second Language Summer Bursary Program 'EXPLORE'

Discover another region of Canada and use this opportunity to improve your knowledge of French. Explore offers you five weeks full of opportunities to make discoveries, meet new people, and exchange ideas in a stimulating setting for learning your second language. Experience something new. Explore your country and your personal capabilities!

Ontario Rhône-Alpes Exchange (ORA)

The ORA exchange is now managed through the International Programs Office (IPO) here at Queen's. For more information, please contact the IPO.

Letter of Permission

In order for students to take a course(s) at another University and acquire a transfer of credit towards their degree, The Faculty of Arts and Science requires students to apply for a Letter of Permission.

Contact the Faculty of Arts and Science at:
Dunning Hall, First Floor
Tel:  613-533-2470

My year exchange to Toulouse was a wake up call. It opened education for me as something that you can live on the streets, see through the culture of a living, breathing language and learn from while immersed in a different university environment. Going on exchange was, so far, one of the best decisions (and adventures) I've ever had.

- Lara

More information on Study Abroad Opportunities is available through the IPO (International Programs Office).

Have you decided to study abroad? If yes, please consult our Checklist to apply for your Third Year Abroad.