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Third Year Abroad

AvignonUpon written approval from the Head of the Department, the third year of a four-year program with a French major or medial concentration may be taken at a French-language university. Credit for this work may be allowed if 30 units with an average of C have been passed by the end of second year, including FREN 150 (110), 241 (212) and 330 (220) with an average of at least C on these three courses. On returning to Queen's for the fourth year, students will normally be given 12 units in French, if proof is submitted of having taken the equivalent of Queen's courses. All students spending their third year abroad are required to take at least 6 additional unit in French at Queen's. See the checklist below for steps to apply for a third year abroad.

Spending a year studying abroad in Toulouse was one of the best decisions I have made, both for my personal development and for my education. A new world opened up to me in France, where I was immersed in a beautiful language in a beautiful city, meeting new people and experiencing things I had never done before. I had the chance to hike the French and Spanish Pyrenees, rock climb the quartz hills of the French Riviera, meet people from all over the world, and travel around Europe during the holidays (amongst other adventures!). The experience provided me with a solid understanding of the French language and of a different post-secondary education system. A most worthwhile experience!

- Dunja Lukic


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Mon année en France m’a ouvert l’esprit. J’ai voyagé partout en Europe, découvert une nouvelle culture et de nouvelles amitiés tout en enrichissant ma vie académique et personnelle. Ainsi, l’apprentissage fait partie du quotidien et va bien au-delà de la salle de classe. Chaque moment devient une occasion pour améliorer son vocabulaire, et la manière dont on s’exprime. De plus, l’option Campus France est économique et permet la liberté de personnaliser l’expérience par choix de ville, institution, et cours. Bref, ce fut une expérience inoubliable et indispensable à ma réussite en français et mes projets professionnels. Bon voyage !

- Arielle Boissonneau

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Université Nice Sophia Antipolis,

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Domenikos, Angelika Nice, France 2009-10
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