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Main Frequently Asked Questions


When do I register for my courses?

Class Selection occurs in two phases: Class Selection I (Restricted) takes place from July 15 to 24. Class Selection II (Open) takes place from July 26 to August 2.
July 9th: Students access the Student Centre on SOLUS to view their enrollment appointment times.
Students may begin loading classes to their shopping cart on SOLUS. We encourage all students to enter the courses they would like in their shopping cart prior to their enrollment time and to VALIDATE their choices. This will alert you to any missing pre-requisites, timetable conflicts or other problems. Successful validation does not ensure enrollment in the class but simply means you are eligible to enroll in the class. During your Appointment Time you will need to click the "enrollment" button at which time you will find out if there's space in the class.

When will the timetable be online?

The 2019-20 Timetable will be available on SOLUS as of June 17, 2019.

How do I register for a full year course?

On SOLUS you will need to register for the Fall and the Winter term separately.  When it is in your shopping cart the total units of the class (6 units) will show on the winter term only (Fall term is labeled A and Winter term is labeled B).

Why can't I find all French courses from the Arts and Science Calendar on SOLUS?

In any given year we offer a wide but not exhaustive range of courses from the course calendar.  The list of courses we are offering for 2019-20 is available on our French website under Course Outlines. Only these courses are timetabled and will be on SOLUS.

What do I do if the course I want is full?

If the class is full during Class Selection I Restricted you can continue to attempt to enroll in the course from your appointment time and then again during Class Selection II . You will also have another chance to get into the class during "Open Enrollment" which begins August 20.

Does the Department of French Studies have waiting lists?

No, we do not maintain waiting lists.  If the class you would like to register for is full you are welcome to continue trying to get into the class on SOLUS during the Enrollment and Open Enrollment sessions. We cannot, however, guarantee that space will open up.

How do I know which French classes still have space?

Do "Class Search" on SOLUS with the following criteria:
Term:  yyyy Fall or yyyy Winter
Course Subject: French
Course Career: Undergrad
Check mark - "Show open classes only"

What is the best way to change my selection of classes?

Should you want to drop a class and add another, you should use the SWAP option on SOLUS to avoid losing your original spot before you have secured the new spot.