French Studies

Department of French Studies
Department of French Studies

Why Study French at Queen's?

  1. Learn to communicate in one of Canada's official languages
  2. Help build your resume
  3. Expand your career opportunities
  4. Study in a friendly environment
  5. Study abroad in French-speaking countries

French Studies welcomes all people interested in learning about Francophone and French cultures, literature and languages. Enjoy the stimulating and friendly atmosphere of small interactive classes.

Immerse Yourself in French Culture through:
Language (written & oral), Literature, Theatre, Music, History, Cuisine, Movies, & Business.

French Studies: Leading to careers in...

Teaching, Business, Foreign service, Translation, Research, Law, Civil Service, Journalism, Publishing, Editing, International Law, Tourism, Public Administration, Immigration, Communication, Public Relations, Research, Movie Dubbing. Broadcasting, Speech Therapy, Foreign Service, Diplomatic Service, Public Policy

and many more!